People have a wide degree of responses to how new carpet looks.  One of the questions that comes up periodically is: ‘What kind of carpet won’t show footprints and vacuum marks?’  The short answer is: none.

The more accurate answer is that most carpets show shading, but depending on the texture, some will show more than others.


Nearly every carpet that is made has some kind of texture to it.  Some are smoother than others, some are more stippled, some are patterned, some have loops.  If you choose a carpet that has a nap to it you will likely see footprints and vacuum marks.  It is the beauty of carpet to show pools of lighter and darker colors so that your home has depth and warmth.  If you painted your plywood floor the color you wished, it would appear flat and commercial.  A carpet that has a variety of texture and shade will make your floor look a part of your décor, which complements the other shades of color and texture in your furniture, paint, art, and window treatments.

Shading will be most noticeable when the carpet is brand new.  Freshly unrolled carpet is somewhat flattened out and all the nap is pointed in one direction, so shading is most obvious then.  As time passes, sometimes a month or more, the carpet will relax, the yarns will ‘blossom’, and this will minimize the shading to a degree.   Color and finish of the carpet makes a difference too.  A smooth finish navy carpet will show footprints more than a heavy cabled carpet in a white color.

Carpets that have a loop construction will show almost no shading.  You do give up some comfort and there are other considerations, but a well made berber carpet might be a choice for you if shading makes you crazy.


Some carpet has a pattern or a heavy texture that will disguise shading somewhat, at least to the point where your eye is not attracted to the shading that all foot traffic will cause eventually.








Depending on how you feel about footprints and vacuum marks, there are a many choices of carpet that might suit you.  Of course, comfort, color, and quality are all considerations.  For the best ideas, come to Skaff and spend some time with one of our professional flooring specialists to get all of your questions answered.

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