Hardwood flooring has beauty, strength and character, along with options for every look. From smooth, glossy, traditional strips to wide, weathered planks, hardwood creates a beautiful backdrop for any style room.  Wood flooring is surging in popularity with the latest looks featuring extra wide boards and the new gray influence in home décor.

Many wood floors are made to last for decades, but if you want to really love the look of your floor for all of its life, then a little care is required.

  • Never mop your hardwood floor with water or steam.  Do not use any wax or cleaner that must be mixed with water like oil, soap or paste wax products.  Skaff carries a complete line of floor care products, so when you make your selection, be sure you get the correct cleaner.
  • Vacuum or sweep regularly to keep fine particles of dirt from dulling the finish.  Make sure your vacuum is not scratching with its wheels or beater bar.  Most manufacturers suggest turning the beater bar off when cleaning the wood floor.
  • Use appropriate floor protectors under heavy furniture, particularly chairs that are used daily.
  • Keep pets nails trimmed and paw free of dirt and gravel.  Remove spills promptly using an approved cleaner and a soft cloth to absorb extra liquids.  Do not drag heavy appliances across your floor; always protect the floor with sheets of plywood for example.
  • Maintain the humidity level; usually best to keep your home at 35-50% humidity year round to avoid excessive shrinking or expanding.  Since wood is a natural product it is susceptible to change in humidity levels.
  • Walk off mats at entrances are helpful minimizing tracking in soil from outdoors.  Also, protective mats are available to put under your pet’s water dish to keep the water from splashing on the wood.

Generally wood is very durable and will stand up to lots of abuse in an ordinary household.  Every floor will get its share of scuffs and scratches, and that is the nature of wood; it ages gracefully.   But if you want to keep the floor looking new, a little extra care will go a long way.

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