Good News!
On November 26, 2016, on SKAFF SAVE AND SHARE SATURDAY, we set out to accomplish three big things;

1. Create an exciting one day event where our customers could take advantage of excellent values on the best brand names of flooring and furniture, to help make their homes beautiful.
2. Provide an opportunity for our staff to work together to make the day into a milestone sales event.
3. Give back to our community by donating 15% of every sale to one of three local charities.

We are grateful to announce that our SAVE AND SHARE SATURDAY was a huge success on each count. As we said in our messages leading up to the day, “EVERYBODY WINS!”

We wanted thank all of you who supported us on this day, and announce that because of the success of the sale Skaff will be donating $33,000.00 to our three charity partners; Whaley Children’s Center, Food Bank of Eastern Michigan and Carriage Town Ministries.

One of our customers said it best: “The real reason we like to buy from a local company is that the money we spend stays in our community.” Our Save and Share Saturday was a literal expression of that philosophy. Our customers came in and got great deals on furniture and flooring, and in turn, we shared $33,000.00 with three excellent community charities.
Thanks again to everyone who made that possible.

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