When people come to look for new furnishings for their home, they come with questions. Sometimes they are about the products they are interested in; new wood flooring, a new mattress, an update for the living room couch. Choosing the right product for their needs creates lots of questions.
But the question that often is in the minds of the folks who come to Skaff is this: Why should I make a decision to buy from this store? Inevitably the answer is filtered through a couple words: Trust and confidence.
To know firsthand why people choose Skaff, we urge you to visit our store. The people you meet here have one thought in mind and that is to make every interaction you have with our company an excellent experience.
We believe WHERE you decide to buy your furniture and flooring is as important as the product itself. The decision to make a purchase is dependent on the confidence and trust you have in the company. At the risk of bragging, here are a few reasons our customers tell us they buy from Skaff.
This year the Skaff family will celebrate 106 years of continuous business serving the families in our area. There is a certain credibility to our promises that comes with being in business for that long. You can’t ‘pretend’ to give great service for over 100 years. This is authentic, old fashioned good service, before and after your purchase.
People come back to Skaff generation after generation. We find that third and fourth generations of our customers are coming here because this is ‘where my parents always bought their carpet’. In large part it is because of what people have described as our ‘reputation’; Skaff is a good company to deal with, friendly, fair and competitive, and we stand behind what we sell.
Buy Local
Our clients tell us they like dealing with a locally owned business. They like the idea that the money they spend stays in our community, hires local people, pays school taxes, sponsors local baseball teams. There is also some assurance in knowing that the people that own the business live here. They are aware of the needs and experiences of their neighbors. Our policies, our culture, are not dictated by stockholders or a board of directors in New York. How we treat our clients is a reflection of the Skaff family values.

The people at Skaff, the owners, the sales staff, the folks in our office, the delivery team, all live where you live. We go to your churches, shop at your grocery store, raise our kids where your kids are. We are even more responsible to our customers because we are your neighbors.
Brands you can trust
Skaff has access to every type of flooring and carpet and furniture there is, but over the years we have found that investing in reliable brands has served our clients best. Serta Mattresses, made in Michigan, are a great example. Not only because they provide an excellent night’s sleep, but they stand behind the products they sell. Flexsteel, Smith Brothers, Amish crafted wood furniture by Yutzy and Winesburg, and the top quality power lift chairs. LEES, Bigelow and Karastan carpet, Armstrong vinyl flooring, Mannington flooring and many more. We carry a wide variety of qualities to suit the needs and budgets of our customers, but we start with the brands and manufacturers we can trust—so our clients can trust them too.
Trained Sales Professionals
It is a rare thing in the retail industry, we are told, to have sales professionals stay in one place for 20 or 30 years. At Skaff it is almost the standard. Our people stay because they are treated well, they take pride in the place they work, and they know we have a great future ahead of us.

Why this matters to our clients is an important point. Our Sales Professionals are trained thoroughly on the products they sell because they have to be the experts in order to guide our client’s to the right choices. But our sales staff is also a reflection of the company, and so they understand that doing business at Skaff is not always the same as the experience at other stores.

If you look at the comments on our customer feedback you will find these words again and again: “I loved being able to shop with no pressure. Everyone was so helpful. They helped me find exactly what I needed. I will always shop at Skaff.”
Competitive prices
We know that our customers love coming to see us but we don’t live in a vacuum. The world is a competitive place and to stay in business you must maintain fair prices.
We work from a low overhead, a warehouse showroom that allows us to keep our costs down. We buy truckloads of furniture, pallets of hardwood, hundreds of rolls of carpet, all the quantities we need to keep our costs low to offer good prices to our customers. We belong to buying groups like Carpet One, that allows us to negotiate with the manufacturers with the power of 1000 stores.
Skaff offers great values on our products, fair prices on the furniture and flooring that our customers choose. We take part in national sales events and other promotions which allow us to discount our prices to make the values even greater. We offer no interest financing to make it even easier.
Our goal is not to be the ‘cheapest’ place you can buy anything, but to be competitively priced on the best brands of home furnishings our customers want. And above all, to make sure that we don’t just aim to sell the lowest price, but to be sure we match the right quality to the customer’s needs.


Community Focused
For generations the Skaff name has been synonymous with positive change in our community. Many organizations can trace their initial success here to the Skaff family involvement, including Big Brothers and Big Sisters, YMCA, the Cultural Center, Young Life and many more. The third generation of Skaffs have carried on the tradition of giving back to the community that supports our company. In most recent years the success of our Save and Share program has led to tens of thousands of dollars donated to Carriage Town Ministries, the Food Bank, and Whaley Children’s Center.

Our staff volunteers here, our families give back to the people in need here, we work along side others to make where we live a better place. This is part of who the Skaff family is.


When people visit our store to consider their next purchase for their home, they get more than just a good price on some nice furniture or carpet. They get the commitment of a locally owned family business. They get the peace of mind that comes with choosing a neighbor to do business with, especially a neighbor with 106 years of experience. Condfidence. Trust. The bonus is, we are just nice people. Ok, now we are bragging a little.

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