Terralisa  has been with the Skaff organization for nearly 20 years.  In that time she has taken on every job with the same enthusiasm and energy as her first day.  She has been a fast learner and always eager to find ways to be more valuable to our company.

Terralisa has taken on more and more responsibility over the years until she has become an integral part of our administrative office.  We have always been able to count on Terralisa to help train new people, or fill whenever we needed someone.  Because of her versatility she became the ‘go-to’ person in many situations.

And so it became a natural progression that when we had the opening we name her as our Office Materralisa-mcbridenager.  In a busy company like ours this is a key person and we know we can trust Terra to do a great job.

It is always gratifying to see a Skaff employee grow and learn and succeed.  There is no better example than Terralisa McBride.

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