One question that our customers often ask is how often should they clean their carpet.  Naturally there are a number of things to consider, including the amount of traffic the room gets, whether there are pets in the home, and how light the color is.  Generally the best rule of thumb is to clean it before it needs it.  But how do you know?

Take this advice: have the carpet cleaned every 18 months at least.  All carpet manufacturers recommend having the carpet professionally cleaned using a truck mounted hot water extraction method. If you notice soil accumulating in the traffic lanes you can also try the Resista method, using a dry compound to lift the soil out in small areas, when you’re not quite ready to have the whole room steam cleaned.

One other note; many times ‘home-shampooers’ will over wet the carpet, and or leave behind a soapy residue, making the carpet harder to maintain afterwards.  It is best not to use machines like these.

One thing to pay attention to is the carpet’s warranty.  Most carpet manufacturers insist  you have the carpet professionally cleaned every 18 months, some every 12 months, in order to maintain your carpet’s warranty.  It’s also important you keep your cleaning receipts in case you ever need to document your maintenance.

In between, it’s best to vacuum 2-3 times a week in the traffic lanes, not only to keep soil from accumulating, but to keep the nap of the carpet groomed.

Carpet can make up a large part of how your home looks, and if you want it to last as long as it is designed to, it’s important to maintain it well, including having it cleaned regularly by a professional.


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