Many of us have strained our backs trying to lift our mattress so we could turn it over each year in order to make it last longer.  One of the questions we get asked by our clients looking at our sleep systems is whether they have to flip the mattress so they won’t end up with a lumpy or uneven surface.

The answer is simple; the new sleep systems are designed to save your back, make you more comfortable, in more ways than one.  Starting with the fact that you can kiss your flipping days goodbye.

Some traditional style mattresses rely on an innerspring coil that was not always sufficient to support the constant use we all give our beds.  So in the past it was necessary to periodically give the springs a rest by turning the mattress over.

Modern sleep systems have solved those issues.  Now the foundation of the mattress has been engineered to support nightly use without allowing the deep body impressions that used to happen with traditional coil spring bedding.

The premier brands of bedding, Serta and Tempurpedic, have each created a line of sleep systems that are tailored to the many needs that individuals have for sleep.  All begin with a construction that will support the years of use, and give a stable foundation to support the body.  Then,whether you choose the memory foam or hybrid, which features foam and coils, you can select the level of comfort layer you want for your personal sleep needs.  Whether you like a solid, firm feel, or if you want to feel a luxurious layer of soft when you lay down, we have the right mattress for you.

While it is not required, some people will ‘rotate’ their mattress from time to time.  But you will never need to flip one again.  The top comfort layers will hold up for years of use without losing their loft or causing significant body impressions.

Sleep systems at Skaff offer a wide variety of options, from options to keep you cool, or adjustable bases to allow you to sit up or raise your legs for comfort, as well as technology to track your sleep habits.  All of this is designed to give you a better night’s rest.  On top of that, the only thing you’ll be flipping is the pancakes you make for breakfast.  After a good night’s sleep.


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